Born in 2011 as an architecture studio,
atelier nido was founded by Taro Sakurai
(Japan, Gunma, 1981) and
Andrea Scheuber
(Switzerland, Nidwalden,1984) having both graduated in 2010
from USI - Accademia di architettura Mendrisio.

  A short time later in 2013, the atelier opened a food shop in Mendrisio,
offering as a principal menu the Japanese soul food ‘Onigiri’, a triangular shaped rice ball with a choice of fillings.

Over years the menu has grown to offer dishes that follow the changing seasons, such as Japanese Cold Ramen or
Japanese Bento Box. Available throughout, hot Miso Soup and a selection of Japanese Tea’s are popular shop staples.

We propose Japanese food as a joyful moment in your daily life,
merging authentic Japanese ingredients and wherever possible fresh local produce.

Together we combine our interests and way of life by running the shop parallel to the architecture office.

In the shop you can always find a selection of everyday objects that we love,
made by artists that we know or carefully chosen from international brands.





Via Francesco Borella 17
6850 Mendrisio

+41 (0)79 705 47 92‬

Mon - Fri 9:30-14:00
Sat 11:00-14:00